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Taekwondo (태권도; 跆拳道; Korean pronunciation: [tʰɛɡwʌndo]; /taɪ.kwɒn.doʊ/) is a martial art and the national sport of South Korea. It combines combat techniques, self-defense, sport, exercise, and in some cases meditation and philosophy.
In 1989, Taekwondo was the world’s most popular martial art in terms of number of practitioners.[1] Gyeorugi (pronounced [kjʌɾuɡi]),
a type of sparring, has been an Olympic event since 2000

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M-CAT is an acronym for Multi-Range Counter Assault Tactics. This is a reality based self-defense program that is designed to
be quickly and easily learned by anyone, no previous martial arts training needed. Law enforcement agents and civilians alike are
raving about this system because it teaches you how to use your natural instincts in a modified way that will help you to evade,
escape, and survive an attack. This program includes all ranges of combat including threat assessment, weapons, striking, and
ground tactics.
(Due to the graphic nature of the training offered in this program, it is restricted to 18 years old and above.)

Women's Self Defense

Providing: Awareness, Prevention, Risk Reduction, Confidence, and Life-saving techniques.
1 in 3 women will be attacked at some point in their life. Will it be you? Will you be prepared?
Self-Defense training with a Kubaton (aluminum weapon with optional keychain). Kubaton provided for training and
may be purchased for $10.

A private group session needs to be 6 or more. Cost:$25.00 per person.